The History of Piper Aviation Museum

The current structure of the Piper Aviation Museum can be traced to its incorporation as a non-profit educational organization by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in 1995. Soon thereafter it purchased the former Engineering building of the Piper Corporation, a 56,000 square foot structure, which now serves as home to the museum.

The Museum is served by a small paid staff and dedicated volunteers. Both groups are well grounded in the history of Piper Aircraft and have an excellent general understanding of American aviation. Most members of the Museum's Board of Directors are local residents who indeed perform as a working board.

The Piper Foundation has been a primary donor to the Museum, along with the Clinton County Community Foundation and aircraft owners and associations. While the Museum seeks institutional and private donor support, its chief sources of revenue at present are rental income, admissions, memberships, and gift shop sales.

The Piper Museum can rightly be called a work in progress. Its holdings of aircraft and aircraft equipment, its ever-expanding archives collection of corporate and family records, flight journals and magazines, photographs, and memorabilia, are all available for public display and becoming truly impressive.

The Museum family invites you to experience the rich history of the Piper Aircraft Corporation.

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