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Piper Archives: Plane and Pilot Magazine 5/5/16

Piper Flying Association Featured Articles 5/5/16
YOUTUBE VIDEO: The Piper Aviation Museum and Flight Over Lock Haven In The Museum's TriPacer. Created By Lock Haven University Marketing Students
Piper Cub. From Flying Magazine 3/15/16
Flying The Aztec. From Aircraft Magazine 1960 3/15/16
New Book: Piper Cub Tales by Frank Baker 3/15/16
Passion Aviation. French Webpage By Benoit Paquet Featuring Military Cubs 1/3/16
Piper Vagabond Donated To Museum 9/14
Restored Piper L-4 Donated To The Piper Aviation Museun 1/14

A Guide To Building Model Aircraft. Submitted By Nathan Barnes 10/15/15

Piper Through The Years. A Scrapbook Picture History of Piper Aircraft and The Piper Museum by Rachel Jenkins of "Scrap My Pix" 9/21/14

Fly-In To Piper Memorial Airport (KLHV) For Your FAA Medical Certification.

Piper Through The Years. A Scrapbook Picture History of Piper Aircraft and The Piper Museum by Rachel Jenkins of "Scrap My Pix" 9/21/14

Official Ceremony Naming The Piper J-3 Cub as Pennsylvania's State Airplane 12/1/14

Historic Retracing of Rinker Buck's Flight Of Passage Across the US. Cross Country Voyage Retraces Flight Made 48 Years Ago in the Same Aircraft, A Piper PA-11 6/5/14

Gary Travis's Experience With UFO Makes The Sci Fi Channel: Clip On YouTube 1/20/14

Scale Documentation of Piper RC Aircraft by Hans-Jürgen Fischer 1/11/14
Brief History of My Time with Piper Dakota N38505 Including an Encounter With a UFO by Gary Travis
My Love Affair with Piper Tripacers by Phil Hoy Note: Phil has donated his Tripacer to the Museum
The Piper Tripacer Goes NASCAR by Phil Hoy

Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome Museum Rhinebeck NY. 2/8/14

French Language Forum About Classic Piper Aircraft 2/16/14

Things You Can Only Learn In A Cub By Piper Owner Society 3/5/14

The Piper Flyer Association 7/21/14

Phil Hoy Piper Board Member Presents NASCAR Driver Joey Lagona With A Piper Aviation Museum T-Shirt. 9/14

Firsts In Air Travel. Recommended By Bill Jackson, Retired Special Ed Teacher 12/4/14

EAA Video Honoring Above Clyde Smith Jr 2/3/13

Famous Piper Aeroplanes. From "Wings" 1993. 11/2/13

Those Piper Comanches. From "AirProgress" March 1977 11/2/13

What Happened to the Fiberglass Airplane: The Piper Papoose From Business & Commercial Aviation June 1966 1/31/12

Moving The Not So Little Papoose From Museum Floor To Hanger 2/25/12

Learning To Fly In A Piper Cub 8/5/11

Every Aircraft That Was Ever Built. Listed by Country. 4/21/11

The Classic Cub. Short film about the Cub and Cub Owners. 3/22/11

List of Piper Aircraft Manufactured By Date 10/15/10

William Piper Jr. Film Clip

Completed Museum Project: Restoration of a Piper PT-1 Aircraft