William Piper Jr. Film Clip

This short film clip appears on The Davis-Monthan Aviation Field Register web page and was provided by Elizabeth Piper, widow of William Piper Jr. The film was converted for use by Gary W. Hyatt, webmaster and creator of DM Airfield page. Gary's aim is to publish and celebrate the people, aircraft, places and events that were recorded between 1925 and 1936 in the old Davis-Monthan Airfield Register.   The Home Page of the Register describes their purpose:

From the Register stems all manner and direction of United States aeronautical development. The people, aircraft, places and events recorded there, and now available for you to see and learn from, helped spawn the intellectual and physical infrastructures of global aviation technologies, in peace and in war, during the 20th century. It is not an overstatement to say they formed the ideas, performed the actions, and served as loci from which, in many significant ways, we enter our second century of powered flight.

The Piper Aviation Museum thanks Gary Hyatt and the Davis-Monthan Aviation Field Register for providing this film of William Piper Jr for you to enjoy.

To view film clip (Click Here) and then click Bill Piper in list to the right of the Player. Other films are also available for viewing. You might also want to view other parts of the DM Aviation Page.