The Piper Aviation Museum J-3 Pioneers and The Mobile Museum

Thirty years have past since the J-3 Pioneers were members of a group formed to support the beginning of the Piper Aviation Musuem including the Piper Aviation Mobile Museum. In 1986 the Piper Aviation Museum was affiliated with the Clinton County Historical Society. Board Member Calvin Arter and others began the exhibits of Piper Aircraft history and artifacts with this mobile museum. That story appears below in an article printed in May-June 1987 issue of the Piper Museum Newsletter:

The J-3 Pioneers or Friends of The Piper Aviation Museum was established in 1986. In addition, the purpose and goals of the museum from 1986 through 1991 were drafted and published. The release of this document also celebrated the 50th anniversery of Piper Aircraft (1937-1987).

The Mobile Museum continued to operate for a short period after the purchase of the Piper Engineering Building (1997) to house the present museum. With a new mortgage and operation and maintenance costs to consider, the Museum Board decided to take the Mobile Museum out of commission.

The J-3 Pioneers no longer exists, but the Museum owes a debt of graitude to those who helped support the mission of our organization in those earlier years. An application and certificate appear below: