16 Ladies On A Tripacer Wing

Circa 1952 these lovely ladies from Lock Haven perched themselves on the wing of a Piper Tripacer with a double purpose. Number one was to furnish a handsome scene, and number two was to prove that Piper Tripacer wings can take it. At the risk of being ungallant, Piper officials estimated the combined weight was somewhere in the neighborhood of 1800 pounds.

The lovely ladies are (l. to r.)...Lucretia Yost, Beverly Marshall, Helen Ann Shaffer, Ann Taylor, Enetta Richey, Janice Johnson, Barbara Dilling, JoAnn Bartholomew, Joann Eckert, Judy Haag, Jane Cohick, Janice Crismann, Nan Zimmerman, Janet Welch, True Talley, and Margaret Fredricks. From Piper Museum Archives